I Want A Girlfriend

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I want a girlfriend


I want a girlfriend?

For just one moment, allow me to get into your head right now and tell you one piece of “I want a girlfriend” advice: stop believing everything you know up to this point about women: be it from cheesy dating articles, cosmopolitan or even your friends who are women (who have probably friendzoned you by now).

Thrash out everything and read this I want a girlfriend article because your dating and sex life depends on it!

It’s time to hear real advice from a true alpha male who lived the life of a natural ladies’ man as well as someone who pursued studying the art of attraction and seduction. I’m here to tell you what really goes on in the female brain and what kind of man you need to be exactly to get the girl.

Women Want Strong Men

I am not referring to having huge muscles and being ripped. Women want men who are emotionally strong and have a silent confidence in themselves. They have this belief that they can achieve their dreams and goals and trust in their abilities strong enough that they can be recognized in the world.

An Attitude of Pre-Selection
Have you ever wondered why bad boys or jerks seem to get more pussy than normal nice guys even though their huge dicks and assholes? It’s because a lot of women are already attracted to them. They have this attitude that women in their lives are an abundant supply and they don’t worry about losing women in their lives. As such they have this vibe of being non-needy and that is what ultimately attracts more women to them. Women ask, “Why is this man so confident? What’s he got going in his life? He’s different from all the rest. Holy Shit! I think I just came!”

Leader of Men

If you want women to be attracted to you and know how to have a girlfriend, show that you are a leader of your own tribe. Whatever your profession may be, you can show that you have this leader attitude if you show that you are proactive towards making decisions and have that strong drive and ambition to achieve more in your career. Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who has a strong goal and passion.

Protector of Loved Ones

Women want a man who portrays that “daddy image”. Just the sight of their presence makes them secure, safe and comfortable. You don’t have to have loads of money to achieve this but all you need is to have that solid belief that you can provide and protect your loved ones from problems that could threaten their survival and security.

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