I Need A Girlfriend

I need a girlfriend. I’m already 19 and am still basically scared to talk to girls. I feel like a pussy and I am. I’m sick of seeing others having relationships because it gets me depressed. What I want is to get this girl across my shop but I’m still feeling like I can’t do it. I don’t want to be stuck like this anymore. What do I do?

Unfortunately, written above is one of the most painful kinds of e-mail I hate reading and receiving. Just reading the first sentence “I need a girlfriend” makes me feel so sorry for the poor guy.

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For most men, I understand that knowing how to get a girlfriend is one of the most important skills men want to know how to do in their lifetime. It’s not the same and easy for the majority because unless you’re rich and famous, a male model, or a Hollywood star, the odds of getting the woman of your dreams is far from happening. Oddly enough, even though people say “I need a girlfriend”, they don’t back their desires with action. Usually, men do the opposite. They do the good-things-happen-to-those-who-wait approach but sadly end with women far less than what they expect.

The good thing is that knowing how to get a girlfriend that we truly want is possible for those who really do the action to make it happen.

So are you still complaining “I need a girlfriend” badly? Worry not, because your success with women is totally under your own control. Here are some valuable pointers if you still keep saying “I need a girlfriend”.

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I Need A Girlfriend Fixes

First when you complain the words “I need a girlfriend”, you’re already subconsciously telling yourself that you’re a needy person who is desperate for a woman in his life. This kind of mindset thinking is bad and unattractive for men in general. It’s emasculating. It emits a vibe of weakness. The solution to not having a girlfriend is to do the activities of men who are successful with women: and that means actually GOING OUT TO MEET GIRLS. Approach Girls. It’s that simple. Expose yourself to more and more women and make friends if possible with hundreds of them. Well, that’s not really physically possible ain’t it? But get that if you expand your social circle more by going out and making friends through clubs, organizations, and people you can be connected with a wide range of people who can actually connect you to the girl of your dreams. Heck if you’re in college then know how to get a girlfriend in college.

Once you gain confidence and good social skills then it is time to pump up your game: approach women in bars and nightclubs. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere because girls there could be the hottest bombshells but are critically harsh when you don’t have game or swag. It’s survival of the fittest. When you conquer this battlefield, you won’t be muttering pussy words like “I need a girlfriend.”

Build on small successes. Your very first success is when you actually decide to be proactive towards your success with women. It starts with being more talkative, extrovert and energetic. Then, when you ACTUALLY have a physical result —like getting a girl’s number, then that’s when the fun begins. If you get a date, that pumps up your confidence a thousand times! Girls are starting to get interested with you. An expert tip for dating women is that don’t make dates too serious. Please, the point of the date is to make women feel you’re fun and comfortable to be with. Dinner is a bad idea, Movies are the worst. Select a place where both of you can get entertained and take the pressure of conversations that might get off hand. While you’re on it, don’t be afraid to flirt and use physical contact but not too much as if like you’re groping her.

Now, on too some popular women psychology “myths”.

The Bad Boy

You’ve probably heard women desire a “badboy” image. It’s an illusion really. The Mystery, the Ruggedness and the Roughness portray a man who’s strong, stern and emotionless. If we get to the core of this, we don’t need to look like Chris Hemsworth, but we can embody these qualities through our actions and values. Be a man who doesn’t take any crap from anyone—even with the woman you like. Don’t be afraid to put your feet down and say “Hey, this is what I said and this is how we’re doing it!” In short, BE A MAN. Don’t be like the pussy who e-mailed me that “I need a girlfriend” crap.

On top of that, never, never, ever make ANY woman….and I mean ANY woman feel like you need her. I used to make the mistake of sending flowery text messages early when trying to date women like “So great to finally see you again, haven’t stop thinking about you since” or “I feel like we’ve been friends for a long time our connection was so deep.”

TAKE NOTE: I said when I used to date women. When she’s your girlfriend, by all means be like Shakespeare but if she’s not, she’ll think you’re a weirdo.

It’s also not your role to bring up the “are we official?” question. Remember, you don’t care THAT much, right? Who do you think will suffer more emotionally within a mutual understanding if one starts suddenly dating others? The man, or the woman? Out of a 99.9% chance women will always give you the hint. Women are inborn keepers, they value the ones whom they trust and like the most. So when she likes you, be rest assured she’ll be begging YOU to say you are official.

Mind you, I understand that saying all of this is easy but I assure you that all men relate to the process of knowing how to get a girlfriend. It takes time. Just make sure to not be like an “I need a girlfriend” pussy and you’ll do great. It’s a process of learning but the key is—go out and start talking to women!

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