How To Have A Girlfriend

How To Have A Girlfriend? If you want to know this insanely effective secret read on…

How To Have A Girlfriend

Have you seen an average guy with a very hot woman? I bet that you thought of how he managed to land a girl like that.

Guys struggle on how to have a girlfriend because they can’t even find a girl to date. But before all go down to that path let’s just first discuss the process of how to have a girlfriend.

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The Process

Here’s a simple outline of the girlfriend activation process on how to have a girlfriend. We’ll discuss the steps as we go along the way.

  • Finding the Right Environment to Meet Women
  • Actually Meeting & Approaching Women
  • Going out on a date
  • Making her Your Girlfriend and Having A Relationship

Seems easy right? Indeed it is, but a lot of guys can’t even get past the approaching and meeting women stage.

Finding the Right Environment to Meet Women

The first step in knowing how to have a girlfriend is to go outside the house and meet women.

We can all agree that there are hundreds or even thousands of women everywhere we go.

An average college could have a couple of thousand students. Just imagine the chances given to you unto how to find a girlfriend. A high rise building could also have a thousand of women waiting to be approached as well with parks and malls. You can meet a lot of women just by walking down a street.

Be open to where women are and be open into meeting them whatever the situation is and whenever there’s an opportunity for you to meet them.

Actually Meeting & Approaching Women

Actually meeting and approaching women takes a toll on a lot of guys. Most guys agree that this could be the most tedious stage in meeting women yet this can also be the most exciting part.

When approaching women, make sure that you have a smile on your face. Don’t let women think that you’re just some creep or just some guy who wants to sell them some home electronic or wants you to join them in their network marketing company.

Smile. Have an open body language but remember to not evade her privacy immediately. Give her some space. Let her breathe.

You can start by saying “Hi!” followed by a natural approach of telling them that you find them attractive and you just want to meet them and want’s to introduce yourself so that you can get to know them.

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Going out on a Date

Going out on a date is a way for you guys to get to know each other and a chance for you guys to just be yourself.

For the guy, you don’t need to impress her. She already went out with you. It means that she already invested time in preparing herself to look good for you. She already invested time on being with you. That means she chose you instead of another thing, or activity that she needs to do or an event that she needs to go to.

Making her Your Girlfriend and Having a Relationship

If you think that you guys are in the right path into having a relationship then you can have closure with her.

If you and the girl have been going out steady, having fun, and the relationship is escalating into something more than sexual then it’s a good sign. Cheers for landing yourself a girlfriend.

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