How To Get A Girlfriend In College

How To Get A Girlfriend in College? Remember American Pie? Do you remember that they want to lose their virginity before high school end? They don’t want to enter college as virgins. They did succeed but in reality, most guys that will enter college are still virgins.

(Once in college the jerks, the assholes, and the douchebags may take over. You don’t want to have the girl of your dreams be offered to them. Know how to get a girlfriend in college now!)

How To Get A Girlfriend In College


It’s pretty difficult for most guys to get a girlfriend in college. College is the time where you as a man must take charge of his life and destroy the wussy within. At this article we will share to you some tips on how to get girls and specifically how to get a girlfriend in college.

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How To Get A Girlfriend In College

  • Be the 20% Guy – One of the things that are discussed inside the Girlfriend Activation System is being the twenty percent guy. Now the 20% guy hooks up with 80% of the girls. You definitely want to be sure to be one of the twenty percent. But of course it is not just about hooking up, it is about knowing how to get a girlfriend in college.If you want to know more ways on how to get a girlfriend in college and conquer your campus then you need to know about the Girlfriend Activation System brought to you by the guys at The Social Man. Go here.
  • Join Activities – There are many activities and various organizations in college in which you can join. Of course each one brings a different meal on the table. Not just you will get to experience and learn new things; you will also get to meet a whole lot of attractive girls.
  • Be with the Cool guys – Now the stereotype is that if you think you aren’t one of the cool guys then you don’t have a chance to be part of them. Here’s a little trick, be better at them at something that they want to be better at. You need to show them that and in that way you will gain their respect. Also you should not be a wussy and act like a dog with a tail between his legs when you get approached by one of the cool guys. Be friendly and don’t be a wussy.
  • Ask girls out (invite them at your dorm room)! – Most guys just don’t ask a woman out that’s why the twenty percent guys just get them all. You’re probably be familiar with girls during your stay in college because you’re going to see them more frequently. Just make sure to be cool when asking her out and don’t scare her. Relax.
  • Help with the Homework – Now this one is a variation of the tip from above. Once in class and the professor gives an assignment whether it be fifth grade easy or postgraduate hard, tell the girl that you can help her with it. You need to make sure that you don’t come of as someone who just wants to help her because you just want to get a shot with her in bed. You’re approach should be like, you’re the cool guy that knows someone who can help us with this but you need to go with me at this time and place and also you need to show her your pet. Invite her to your room.
  • Have a memorable impression – College is about being social. People meet other people from time to time and you need to take advantage of this process. Make sure that when you meet new people you give them a memorable impression (a good and positive one) where you can get remembered and make them want to be with you and hang out with you. The more people that want to hang out with you then the more girls will want to hang out with you also. You’d want to take advantage of that right.

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