How To Find A Girlfriend

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How To Find A Girlfriend

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How many times have you heard yourself muttering… “I want a girlfriend”. I’m sure you have said this countless times.

Frantically, you search for a quick fix over the internet and type, “How to Find a Girlfriend” or “How to Get a Girlfriend”. But to no avail. Nobody seems to know the answer. All you see are forum threads of men like you who share the same problem.

They keep silent in public but they share your same plight.

Like you, they suffer. It starts from a simple watching of couples having fun together. “I wished I knew how to find a girlfriend and have someone to hang out with” is the usual thought that comes into mind, right?

How about that deep seated desire, that inner stubborn pride us men have that’s begging to boast to friends whenever they look in amazement at our mate?

We say to them, “She’s my girl!”

But what is the reality? In our pursuit on how to find a girlfriend, we end up falling face flat with our efforts.

We experience the Rejection, the Failure. Cold blooded, cold shoulder, talk to the hand.

How many of us can relate?

  • You get to give your contact to a chick but you didn’t hear back from her again.
  • You flirt all night with a girl, call her up sometime after but doesn’t remember a thing about you.
  • You wing it with a hot chick but as the night goes on you manage to bore her to death.
  • You saw someone you like, but someone got to her first.
  • You promised yourself you’ll talk to her, and end up sick with “Excusitis”
  • You end up being “friendzoned” by someone you like.

But you know who you are, right? You’re a sweet and nice guy. Ladies wonder why of all people, you’re the one who’s single and not the douche.

Knowing how to find a girlfriend was harder than you thought.

Frustrated, you go back and make a checklist instead, check it twice and hope you meet someone naughty and nice. But do they come to town? Do you see Megan Fox at your doorstep?

Okay maybe not Megan but someone who fits you like a perfect match: a keeper at best but also someone who is adventurous who knows how to take care of herself. She’s your beauty and brains.

Yet now your strategy is to wait because you never want to experience failure or rejection again. You tell yourself, “I’ll wait for someone who fits the list. By then, knowing how to find a girlfriend that’s perfect for me would be easier.”

Unless you want to be unhappy and settle for less, you wait and wait some more. But what all the waiting did was get you back from scratch. Back to square one. Back to Wanting.

At least now you have a list but back to running in circles. You tell yourself again, “I want a girlfriend”, “How to find a girlfriend who’s a perfect match is hard but how to get a girlfriend to stay with me is even harder.”

Is there an end to all of this suffering? Many sources tell they’re the “gurus” of attracting the opposite sex. But what proof is there? Nothing. Just psychological blabber and scientific crap.

Now get this….

Just for a moment, imagine yourself surrounded by women. You’re the life of the party. You can talk to any girl no matter how hot she is. Do you think this thinking would help how to find a girlfriend?

The answer is YES.

How about a real scenario where a chick that looks like a model from Vogue comes up to you by sending strong attraction signals, will you accept her and play the game?

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How To Find A Girlfriend

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